10 Best Fragrances For Your Wedding: For The Brides


You want everything thing to best on every sense for your wedding, from your outfit to your hair, from your skin to your fragrance! With tons of flowers all over your wedding décor and the mixed convolution of people, the bride stands out incredibly and goes fresh throughout the ceremony with a sweeter and better perfume choice.

Smell well, feel well, and make him fall for you at first sniff with these top 10 fragrances rightly fitting for your wedding goals!

  1. Romance Rose by Ralph Lauren

Evoking every single emotion of love blistering over your heart on the big day, the Romance Rose by Ralph Lauren showcases a timeless portrayal of ‘forever together’. Bask into the chirp of velvety mushes, sensual musky exclusiveness, and a pinch of florals to bless the femineity you endure!


Top: Bergamot, Litchi, Back Currant, Red Apple

Heart: Rose, may Rose, White Violet, Jasmine

Base: Musk, Patchouli, Benzoin

Romance Rose by Ralph Lauren

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  1. Le Rose by Olive Boutique

A complete time travel to the years to come, in terms of fashion and femininity, is what the Le Rose by Olive Boutique is all about. Deciphering the bundle of roses to a sweeter and fruity tone of peach and black currant, the fragrance is all about the harmony of the seductive woods and exotic herbs.


Top: Peach, Green Notes, Black Currant

Heart: Turkish rose, May Rose, Rose, Iris

Base: White Musk, Cedar, Pepper, Orris root, Violet Root

Le Rose by Olive Boutique perfumes

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  1. Good Girl Glorious Gold by Carolina Herrera

For the lady of equilibrium, for the damsel in gold! Good Girl Glorious Gold by Carolina Herrera blooms into a constant signature for every moment; for a night of love and seduction. Synonym to lemonade with drizzling almonds and coffee cream, this piece of dexterity envelopes a bouquet of tuberose and jasmine plucked with silky gentleness.


Top: Citrus, Bergamia, Lemon, Almond, Coffee Bean

Heart: Rose, Jasmine, Citrus Blossom, Tuberose, Orris

Base: Musk, Cacao, Cinnamon, Tonkin Beans, Vanilla, Praline, Cashmere, Cedar, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Good Girl Glorious Gold by Carolina Herrera

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  1. Beautiful Belle by Estee Lauder

From the first few moments of shy in attraction to the romance that grows form within to the promise of staying together for the better, Beautiful Belle by Estee Lauder writes a tale of its own with its fragrance. With the scent of fruity lychee sprayed over by a few petals of rose over a hard musk bark with sensuality and effervescence, this can level up your bride attire.


Top: Lychee, Mimosa, Rose Petals

Heart: Gardenia, Tuberose, Orange Flower

Base: Orris Root, Blush Suede Accord, Marzipan Musk, Ambrox

Beautiful Belle by Estee Lauder perfume

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  1. Valor by Arabian Eagle

Staying calm and composed is a must for every bride on her big day with hundreds of things that might go wrong and the Valor by Arabian Eagle loosens your muscles over the neck and widens your smile! With recreations of everything romantic, from chocolates to almonds, this fragrance is the right gourmand choice for the modern boho brides.


Top: Tropical blossoms

Heart: Indian Rose, Almond

Base: Musk, Ambergris, Vanilla

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arabian eagle

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  1. Joy by Dior

It’s all in the name! A dab of Joy by Dior on your skin can just take away that entire whack in you, with the gorgeous sandalwood, jasmine, and mandarin together tying up togetherness! Getting your cortisol level and heart rates down, stress can be seen nowhere near this fragrance speaking tons!


Top: Mandarin, Orange, Bergamot

Heart: Jasmine, Peach, Grasse Rose, Cassis

Base: Cedar, Sandalwood, White Musk, Patchouli, Benzoin

Dior perfumes

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  1. Fabulous by Mark Des Vince

A silhouette of fine floral and woody scents exploring their flair through the pink beauty, the Fabulous by Mark Des Vince! Bewildered on the top with a beautiful compound of rose, honeysuckle, and slightly tinted with the tangerine shades, the fragrance takes a wide turn to the heart filled with white floral notes of jasmine, tiara blossoms, and of peony petals.


Top: Rose, Honeysuckle, Tangerine

Heart: White Flowers, Jasmine, Tiara blossoms, Peony Petals

Base: Musk, Velvet, Wood

Mark Des Vince perfumes

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  1. Peony and Blush Suede by Jo Malone

While walking the aisle, when all the eyes are on you including the one chosen for you, the Peony and Blush Suede by Jo Malone can make you feel soft on your trail and luxurious on your outlook. As the skies bow to bless the couple, this sweet fragrance can be heavenly indulging and sensual.


Top: Red Apple

Heart: Rose, Jasmine, Peony, Carnation

Base: Suede

Peony and Blush Suede by Jo Malone

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  1. Mon Guerlain by Guerlain

As edgy and sophisticated as its design, the Mon Guerlain is the right blend of warm, spicy, and sweet gourmand scents. Get the right border you need with your olfactory presence with the right choice of perfumes on your big day, to sweep him off his feet and to start conversations in the public offering blessings ad tears of joy to the couple.


Top: Bergamot, Lavender, and Mandarin orange

Heart: Jasmine Sambac, Ylang-Ylang, and Orange Blossom

Base: Tahitian Vanilla, Caramel, Orris, Violet, and Benzoin

Mon Guerlain perfumes

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You can never go with tuberose on joyful yet stressful day like your wedding day! The Forever by Victor Hills instantly kicks dopamine levels in the brides, well, every bride does need to smile. With an interesting handshake of citrus and fruity notes takes the scent to another level.


Top: Tuberose, Clary Sage, Pink Pepper

Heart: Jasmine Sambac, Ylang-Ylang, and Orange Blossom, Cashmere, Benzoin, Tuberose

Base: Tuberose, Amber


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