We have started living with the pandemic these days and are right now slowly getting into the hectic grind of office routines and workplaces. With the old times reaching back to us, it’s time to refresh our work wardrobes, get over the comfort of sweatshirts, and stock up on the basic staples that can save your day every time. 

Getting out of home after a long time can make you fashion-numb and thus being presentable and scoring the fashion game points can be a hard task, but with the right essentials in your closet, you’ve got nothing to fear. Here are ten easily available essentials that can elevate your office ensemble in a snap!


Not all days do you need to be in suits and blazers, and a pair of well-tailored and sewn jeans can also be a great business casual and save you from discomfort and chaos. Better quality in terms of stitch details and wash specifications can be noted while making a jeans purchase for a long time and daily use. Anything in dark blue, dark brown, or even classic black can polish your overall look and keep you comfortable at work and afterward. You’ve got hundreds of options from high-rise to ankle-grazer sizes, from skinny fit to baggy mom encounters. Get it on with a blouse, crop-top, blazer, or shirt to give a great bossy and commanding outlook. For a lazy and cozy day at work, probably sticking onto your cabin, pair it with a sweatshirt or a t-shirt to achieve the intended warmth and comfort. 

Fashion Clane’s recommendations would be the Levi’s Wedgie Straight Jeans, Good American Good Classic Straight Leg Jeans, or maybe the H&M Slim Mom High Ankle Jeans to be cost-effective.



Simple, minimal, and yet elegant! Grace a professional diva ensemble coupling the white button-down with a darker shade pencil skirt, probably black matte or leather beige, and get ready to kick the casual business conferences with a dark pair of jeans and an oversized blazer. Make sure to have one of the best in town in your wardrobe that stays fit to your body, neither tight nor sheer. You may also own an array of them with different features to elevate the casual getup, some with ruffled sleeves, with a Chinese collar, or a slight frill over the texture. Well, these are versatile and hence can be an all-season possession to flaunt with printed or floral flared skirts!

We would highly recommend having a sleek silk button-down in a white or off-white shade with a contrasting collar of black or grey. Get our most loved ones from Carolina Herrera or Lafayette 148 New York that can go well with a black taffeta skirt or tighter leather pants. Add in a multi-colored or printed neck scarf to just add the right spice you need embodying you right on the plate! 

WHITE BUTTON-DOWN office formals


Are we even talking about workplace essentials if we don’t mention the Holy Grail attire, the blazer? Stays timeless, goes with every trend that hits the town, and has incredible versatility to adorn any ensemble you require. Have a button-down, a shirt, a tank top, or even a T-shirt beneath, a blazer over them is all you need to make it professional. Get yourself a good tailored-to-fit blazer, either the right length or a little longer for getting onto the frumpy trend. Forget the corporate world of meetings and conferences; it can even assist you when you have an event or a launch to attend! 

Well, there are dozens of good options to get a great blazer that can be a great asset to your office wardrobe. Some of them that we love is our Anine Bing Kaia Houndstooth Blazer, the Mango Peak Lapel Suit Blazer, or the H&M oversized jacket, especially the beige one! Also, get one extra to store in your office in case of emergency if you spilled a cup of coffee or got accidental wear and tear on your outfit. 

power blazer for women office style


You’ve got your accessories, intimate necessities, stationery, snacks, and a lot more to carry as the female counterpart working nine to five or even more! A good quality efficient tote bag can be the practical solution for all the requirements and kills the fashion score with its chic and polished texture. Tote bags usually come with several pouches inside and hence help in better organization of papers, cards, and other stuff you need to carry while traveling to the office. If it comes in leather instead of canvas with an extra pocket for your laptop and electrical accessories, that’s an upper edge. 

A lovely one from Kate Spade, the Cuyana Structured Leather Tote, Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, or even the trendy Mango Pleated Bucket bag can be a great addition to your working wardrobe. Make it your signature and sway off like a lady boss in style!

office bags for womens


You might look great in pointed stilettos and heels, but the right amalgam of style and comfort go to the chic flat wears. To converse between places, work cabins, meetings, and machine works, you need to have an occasional flat rest for your feet. Be it ballet flats, loafers, or sneakers for a little hippie look; you’re ready to go and hustle. Blazers and suits get that extra spice with foldable loafers while the slingback flats might go well with better dress-up attires with accessories and jitter. Well, if you’re known to be the fashionista at work, you might pick metallic flat wears from Mary Jane or the funky animal print loafers. 

While choosing less attractive and more comfortable, you’ll always need the best out of the option to up your style quotient over the bar. We would suggest getting the Alexandre Birman’s tortoise-cap flats for fall this year and the Paul Andre’s black suede wear can complement any outfit with ease. The Toteme travel loafers can be a great choice for the fast-movers and active community in the office while your fashion attitude can see a rise with incredible versions like the Prada metallic leather Mary Jane flats and the Mango Leather Loafers with chains. 

FLAT FOOTWEAR for office for women


A pencil skirt that stands just above or along the length of your knee is another essential that you’ll never want to miss. It stays close to your body extending a confident portrayal of yourself, of a well-put-together player of extreme sensuality and valor. Get it paired with a blouse, a bottom down, or a formal shirt, and put on some heeled boots or flats to endure the femininity you own, yet imparting fresh professional display. Make sure the pencil skirt you get has a tiny slit between your legs to facilitate easy movement and not feel restricted while walking in your workplace.

You can find quite a few pencil skirts in every store nearby, while the best-reviewed by our team is Ann Taylor Petite Bi-Stretch Seamed Pencil Skirt, the Italian Wool blend by the Banana Republic, and the H&M knit pencil skirt. You just have a variety of choices from linen to sequins, from floral to plaid, and from tie-waist to buttoned versions.

office PENCIL SKIRT for women


Getting your accessories right is important to complete the female attire. When office wears are considered, a set of pearls and diamonds are all you need to elevate that overall ensemble. A pair of those white beauties as ear studs or a very sling single-string necklace can bring an unbelievable charm to your look. White is undoubtedly the classic choice, but to make it in a unique way for the fashion divas, you can go for the array of pearls in gold, pink, black, or even lavender. Get some pearls and diamonds clubbed with golden chains or dangling and you’re ready to be the eye-catcher of the day.

From Tiffany & Co to Cartier, from Mikimoto to Assael, your stones are right at your doorsteps. You can also go for the budget-friendly Swarovski pearls and stones or Gorjana Pearls to make your face glow and pop of shine! Our favorites are the Victoria Emerson Asymmetrical Pearl Bracelet, Swarovski Green teardrop crystal pendant, and the stacked silver ring by Roma Designer Jewellery.

PEARLS AND DIAMONDS for office formals for women


Not always do we love getting all decked up in suits, blazers, pants, jeans, and pencil skirts. On days like those when you want to feel free yet composed, dresses especially the cute ones of midi-length that be a great choice. Pair it up with high-knee boots, flats, heeled sandals, or even sneakers and you’re ready to take over the aura. Get a sleeveless dress and wear an inner or a tee of plain white or beige to make it professional and chic! You may also go for full-sleeve options with the length slightly above the knees and wrap a belt over the waist to make an impression worth laurels.

Our feminine team is in absolute love with the Eloquii Puffed Sleeve Dress (they’ve got pockets!), the Preston & York Blake Notch V-neck Dress, or any of the striped shirt dresses from Zara.

DRESSES, THE MIDI-STYLE for women for office wear 1


Be it to get ready quickly not having time to spare or to showcase the vibe you behold, tops and blouses can make it all possible. Get yourself a dozen of them that can be paired up with any of the bottoms you own, be it jeans, trousers, and skirts. Necklines over your collar bone, that’s an unsaid rule professionally! They can also help you to layer beneath your coats or blazers and can also improve your body shape with silk body-fitting tops. Be it in the sleeves with puffed ruffled, and straight or the necklines of a hundred types, you’ve got your choice to make!

Looking for some options, we’ve got you covered. Check up on the Vince Camuto Leopard V-neck top, the Babaton Rosalia blouse, the Ganni Ruffle collar poplin shirt, and the English Factory Gingham smocked top for acing the office fashion game!

BLOUSES, LOTS OF IT for women of office clothing


Do we even need to say more? The virus hasn’t yet gone for the good, so better get your masks as professional and stylish as you can. A little bead or a change in texture or pattern is all that you need! We have experimented and approved a few statement masks, the Golden X Hour Silk satin face mask, the Silk Face Mulberry Mask, the Knit Mask from St. John Artisinal Milano, and the Silk slip reusable mask from Sephora.

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