20 Unisex Perfumes That Smell Incredible On All


The dew on your window panes and the sweaters out of your closed wardrobe are now out, and so are the need for warm and sensual winter fragrances. Don’t go simple, neither overboard with your cold-season to fall scents as that is everything that captures attention amidst the all-covered up looks. Be it, the gingerbread gourmand fragrances to the sweet floral expressions, here are 15 best winter perfumes that can sparkle this season.

  1. All by Calvin Klein

Breaking all norms of freedom of societal traditions, All by Calvin Klein is a one alluring fragrance for all. With luminant convolution of frozen citrus flavors and soft blossoms, this perfume resonates a wave of everlasting minimalism with a fresher personification of notes of wood and flowers.


Top: Bergamot, Frozen Mandarin, Grapefruit Flower, Hivernal Neo

Heart: Paradisone, Cornaol, Lily Flore, Rhubarb, Elemi

Base: Clearwood, Cachalox, Habanolide Musk, Vetiver Top

Calvin Klein

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  1. Colonia by Acqua Di Parma

With Sicilian citric fruits and aromatic herbs forming the true essence of the fragrance, the Colonia by Acqua Di Parma is identical to a sweep of fine fresh breeze across the Italian lands of contemporary juncture. Being warm and timeless, this perfume is too good for its designed art-deco bottle!


Top: Bergamot, Orange, Lemon

Heart: Rosemary, Lavender, Rose, Verbena, Ylang-Ylang

Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar

Colonia by Acqua Di Parma Perfume

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  1. Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Everything dark, mysterious, and hypnotic, the Black Orchid by Tom Ford can be anybody’s easy choice for a night out for party or dinner dates. With a heavy blend of black ingredients from floral blossoms to truffles, this scent is in itself an olfactory rollercoaster ride.


Top:  French Jasmine, Black Truffle, Ylang-Ylang, Black Currant, Effervescent Citrus

Heart: Black Orchid

Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Dark Chocolate, Incense, Amber, Vetiver, Vanilla, Balsam

Black Orchid by Tom Ford_1 perfume

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  1. Extreme Game by Manzana

Manzana Extreme Game as its name would suggest, the fragrance encapsulates blends pushed to the max, with almost animal notes, a hint of orange groves, perfectly ripened citrus fruits, and more. It is an elixir of fruits of the sun and delectably succulent citrus fruits, with an orange top note. 


Top: Citrus, Orange

Heart: Orange Tree’s Blossom, Wood, Fruits

Base: Subtle Oakmoss, Amber, Velvety Wood

Extreme Game by Manzana_1 perfume

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  1. Oud and Bergamot Intense by Jo Malone

If mystery and hypnotic aura matches your character, the Oud and Bergamot Intense by Jo Malone can be your best choice. The perfumer invented this fragrance combining the relics of antique wood with the Middle East essence of Oud, tied up with a citric ribbon to favor a symbolic scent of seduction and clarity.


Top: Bergamot and Citric notes

Heart: Woody Oud

Base: Oud Wood and Cedar Wood

Oud and Bergamot Intense by Jo Malone

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  1. Mojave Ghost by Byredo

Inspired by the Mojave Deserts, the Mojave Ghost by Byredo reflects upon the rare aura and wilderness of the ingredients chosen and lure upon the exotic species celebrated throughout its expression. This scent beholds the crisp evenness of wood and unfolds a lingering impact on the skin withs floral glaze.


Top: Ambrette, Musk Mallow, and Sapodilla

Heart: Magnolia, Sandalwood, and Violet

Base: Cedar, Chantilly Musk, and Ambergris

Mojave Ghost by Byredo perfume

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  1. Eden-Roc by Christian Dior

A symbolic representative of the Mediterranean oceans and paradises beyond the waters, the Eden-Roc by Christian Dior is a naturally flowing and lucid fragrance portraying every winter weaknesses. From the pine tree canopies to the sun-bathed shores, this radiant luminance of wood and spices is the apt choice for the cold season.


Top: Sea Salt, Citrus, and Mineral Notes

Heart: Jasmine, Lentisque, and Coconut

Base: Pine Tree and Labdanum

Eden-Roc by Christian Dior perfumes

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  1. A Winter Melody by Gucci

One of the brilliant pieces of Gucci’s Alchemist Garden Series, A Winter Melody is a classic representation of scented water and floral flavors. This aromatic scent can give you the peak of adrenaline you might need to get out of the comfy blankets and frozen minds and get back to hustling and running.


Top: Cypress extract

Heart: Bergamot and Rose

Base: Wood

Eden-Roc by Christian Dior perfume

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  1. Exotic Wood by Public Affair

Be it a great carnival you need to be at your best in or an official commemoration formally being present, the Exotic Wood by Public Affair is surely a game-changer. With the animal leather strokes over woody barks and shades, this yellow silhouette can bring your character into action.


Top: Leather

Heart: Cypress, Patchouli

Base: Woody notes, Vetiver

Exotic Wood by Public Affair perfume

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  1. Lost Cherry by Tom Ford

Just like the red glowing silhouette, the Lost Cherry by Tom Ford presents the beauty of ripe fruity essences written all over its expression and fragrance. With strong berries and spicy interventions penetrating your senses, this perfume sticks to your memories, and becomes an insatiable part of the nostalgic void of your existence. Luscious, ripe, full, and contrasting the white snows and dews, this is what you are looking for!


Top: Almond, Harsh Cherry, Alcohol, and Beverage Refreshments

Heart: Turkish Rose, Botanical and White Blossoms

Base: Amber, Tonka Beans, Peru Resin, Cedar, Sandalwood, and Vetiver

Tom Ford perfumes

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  1. Orpheon by Diptyque

Reflecting and scribing the nightlife of Parisian Streets through an olfactory journey is what Orpheon by Diptyque takes you over to. With a harmonious contrast of flowery jasmine over woodsy cedar, this fragrance is clearly vintage, just out of the classis European bars and cassettes.


Top: Juniper Berries

Heart: Jasmine

Base: Powdery Notes, Tonka Beans, Cedar

oud perfumes

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  1. Velvet V by Fellah

A brilliant play of amber and spices, an odyssey across various terrains attainable by any gender, the Velvet V by Fellah is here to grab attention and deserve claps all its way. With berries merrily making their way across animal notes and velvety woods, the fragrance hit notes of pleasure and luxury.


Top: Sa­ron, Juniper Berries and Chinese Grapefruit

Heart: Leather and Black Violet

Base: Raspberry, Cashmere and Vetiver

. Top notes are; middle notes are; base notes are

Fellah perfumes

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  1. Oud Occidental by Holy Oud

The heat and warmth of Middle Eastern notes and winds are impeccable, and so it the reflection of the Oud Occidental by Holy Oud. With very few ingredients making the composition of this fragrance, the juxtaposition of scents, from sweet to woody, from bold to manifested, this scent is a magic in itself that you would not mind checking for once.


Top: Saffron and Rose

Heart: Labdanum

Base: Agarwood (Oud)

Holy Oud perfumes in dubai

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  1. Vanille Exclusive by Mancera

With the right blend of fruity-floral combinations on a vanilla foreground, the Mancera Vanille Exclusive configures petals of violet, Osmanthus, tuberose and jasmine bringing the essence of joy into the frame.


Top: White Peach, Osmanthus, Whipped Cream, Brown Sugar

Heart: Egyptian Jasmine, Violet, Indian Tuberose

Base: Amber, Madagascar Vanilla, and White Musk

mancera roses vanille

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  1. Memoire D Une Odeur by Gucci

An incredible choice that imparts nostalgic vibes of reminiscing older treasures and leaving the struggles of today! With the exhilarant scent of chamomile blended with musk and the intertwined amalgamation of almonds with jasmine, this unisex perfume hits the right summer spots with vintage and transparence glowing from the core.


Top: Chamomile, Bitter Almond

Heart: Musk, Indian and other Jasmines

Base: Vanilla, Cedar, Sandalwood

Gucci perfume

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  1. Sweet Dust by Mark Des Vince

Smelling right on all genders and shining its yellow glow of happiness, the fragrance begins with alluring notes of jasmine, saffron, orange, and marigold creamed with the white vanilla. The fragrance stroked a chord with the youthfulness of everything ‘yellow’.


Top: Jasmine, Saffron, Vanilla, Orange, Marigold

Heart: Amberwood, Ambergris, Honeysuckles

Base: Musk, Fir Resin, Cedar

Mark Des Vince perfume

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  1. Velvet Cypress by Dolce & Gabbana

To stay balanced over every season with aromatic woody and sprinkling citric notes is what every perfume needs to have to fit perfectly into the unisex realm. The Velvet Cypress by Dolce & Gabbana is just the right amalgam with woodsy flavor that never is out of trend and citric flush that doesn’t outdate with time.


Top: Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot

Heart: Cypress, Galbanum, Clary Sage

Base: Cedar

dolce and gabbana perfumes

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  1. Clean Reserve by Smoked Vetiver

A right balance of fruity sweet notes over the so-called stronger bold woodsy notes is what makes the Clean Reserve by Smoked Vetiver special. The ‘clean’ sector of fashion and beauty industry today gets an olfactory addition with this incredible marvel fitting for both male and female counterparts, as easy as a Sunday morning.


Top: Pear, Bergamot, Quince, Bamboo leaf, Lemon Verbena

Heart: Cedar, Peony, Cotton Flower

Base: Woody Notes, Vetiver, Musk, Moss, Musk, Myrrh

Smoked Vetiver perfumes

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  1. Rose Load by Boy Smells’

With huge loads of rose, smoked papyrus, and woodsy notes over fruity and spicy flavors, the Rose Load by Boy Smells’ is sensual, tactic, and the right scent to pull of an indulgence and celebration. The right fragrance for every season, rain or snow!


Top: Rhubarb, Pink Pepper, Cardamom

Heart: Rose, Turkish Rose, Raspberry bloom

Base: Sandalwood, Oud, Papyrus

Rose Load by Boy Smells perfume

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  1. Spice Blend by Dior

The Spice Blend by Dior is the fashionista’s favorite, with its smooth transition from luxurious warm spice smell to a green peppery sense and then convoluting into a gingery boozy after-scent. Is it the winters addressing its arrival, then this might be the right for any one of you!


Top: Rum, Ginger

Heart: Pink and Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Nutmeg

Base: Woody Notes, Bay leaves

Dior perfumes

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