Hair Mist

How To Choose The Right Hair Mist: Your Hair Deserves That Flair


Well, let me share a few broken pieces of memories with you!

I remember that old verandah of my house with greens that peeped in at the edges.

I remember my mother and sister sitting on the steps, one below the other.

I remember my mother ranting, ‘Why don’t you take care of your hair?’

I remember how my sister whined back, ‘Umma, what can all this do!’

I remember the smell of herbs that found its way into her head,

I remember the indulgent smoke that filled the air from the mud steamer,

I remember, how it all mixed and felt,

The hibiscus, the Tulasi, the Neem and the tender mud-vamped steam!

Yes, you guessed it right! We’re talking about hair mists, the modern version of all those oils and paste your grandmothers grinded and forced you to apply on your heads! Now, why do you have to spray that aroma on to your hairs, you ask? Well, for a lot of reasons, this should be a must in every perfume-lovers closet!

We are all hectic these days, running behind you career, studies, passion, and what not! With the amount of pollution that goes and comes around us, our skin are hair is bound to show its true colors and be a villain to your perfect look. But, no worries, as hair mists can clearly have your back! It can keep your hair fresh and free of dirt and

dust along with bagging an extra point in presenting yourself incredibly.

Research has said it that you ought to wash your hair only once in every three or five days, for the smooth protective layer of your hair cells to not degrade and lose its function. And also, spraying a tint of vibe can never make it look wet or drenched! It only transforms you hair to a less-oily and non-greasy texture!

Did you know that your hair can keep the potent top note of fragrance alive for a long time unlike all other parts where it vanishes by time? Yes, that’s right! You hair is an adapter to scents and hence does not make the top noted disappear and the heart notes survive. But, it keeps that strongest note alive for a longer period, and just one flip, and there goes your aura, across the hall. Say permanent good-bye to that stinks of sweat.

Don’t have time to shampoo and get that vibrant frizzy hair? Well, hair mists can save your hair from constant washes and save your time greatly! From shampooing for around 40 minutes, just a spray of 2 minutes and you’re ready to go!

Many of you might be planning to get one for yourself this week, and confused on which to go for! Ha ha, I can read your minds, let me show you a few of the best on display!

You can any day vouch for the Gucci Bloom Hair Mist for Women with its extremely wooing texture; be it to get hired for an interview or to make that special guy fall head over heels in love with you! Years of expertise worked for Alberto Morillas, on being the nose behind this marvel launched a year back. With floral pattern dominating in all the notes, the first strike is done when the hues of orange and green notes reach your nose. The blissful feeling of reaching the Asian countries with jasmine, tuberose and honeysuckle makes the heart note an incredible transition. And everything culminates into the punching effect of Vanilla, Sandalwood and Orris, right deep into the flairs of your hair, making it more gorgeous.

It’s not just the world that needs to be slayed, but your instincts of feeling beautiful. And that is where the Leon Hector Midnight Secret Hair Mist plays its perfect game. Preaching on how good scents and fragrances as a part of normal being and a constitute of the personality you endure, this one with its sweet and relishing smell is inevitable. Well, nobody can stop us from guaranteeing you a great midnight; deep in sleep and your pillars smelling of gardens in the morning to come! You hair does all the magic with this one we adore with all our heart!

The exuberant and evergreen YSL Mon Paris Hair Mist has never failed to skip hearts on spot. This aromatic elixir is all about the new innovations with the Chypre Family. With drops of Strawberry, Raspberry, Bergamot, Pear, Orange, Tangerine and Calon making the top notes, it faithfully needs no extra mention. With exclusive middle notes like Peony, Datura, and Jasmine that can in anyway grab your soul and the heart notes of Patchouli, white musk, Moss, Vanilla, Cedar, and Ambroxen is bound to make your hairs fresh as mornings! This adorably bottled magic is a must-buy for any women aiming the skies!

Another marvel from the Leon Hector series is the Forever Essence Hair Mist with its incredible mix of passion and confidence. This one is designed explicitly to stay in the trend for the generations to come and thus the name! With everything flowery, oriental, and exotic, your presence can never be ignored with the gorgeousness this magical elixir offer to your dangling hair! Seen those advertisements where your hair locks swing across to show the extra authority and ‘boss feeling’ at office? This one just goes so apt to get that emotion right!

Which one is your favorite? Get one for you right away and stay far from toiling hard to get that fragrant and wavy hair locks!

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